Benni Raich talks injury and fear in his YOG DNA Masterclass

It wasn’t all mucking around with Yoggl when we went to film YOG Ambassador Benni Raich in Innsbruck. The Alpine skier, who comes from the region, also took some time out to speak to some local athletes about what it takes to be an Olympic champion and take them through a few simple stretches - and we were there to capture it on camera.

Talking about his recent injury - a torn cruciate ligament, ouch - his goals for the new season, how he handles fear and, of course, the Youth Olympic Games, Benni was on chatty form back in the warmth, after a freezing cold video shoot on the top of a mountain earlier that day. Check it out in this new video.

Watch out for the awesome footage of Benni celebrating his win at the Turin Olympic Winter Games in 2006 too!