Behind the scenes filming with YOG Ambassador Lindsey Vonn

We had a blast this week with YOG Ambassador Lindsey Vonn! The Olympic champion invited the YOG crew to the U.S. Ski Team’s training base to film a campaign for the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck next January.

It was a super early start on the first mountain location, but, despite a long flight from a training camp in New Zealand, Lindsey was full of energy and ready to get filming. Not one to shy away from the limelight, Yoggl made an appearance mid-morning to show off his skills on a mountain bike! Never knew a mountain goat could ride a bike? Neither did we!

After a quick lunch at the deli, the shoot continued at the U.S. Ski Team’s Centre of Excellence - an amazing facility for US skiers and snowboarders to work out and build necessary strength ahead the forthcoming winter season.

Here, Lindsey gave us her exclusive top tips for pre-season preparation in the gym, including how to build key muscles and core strength for alpine skiing. This crucial advice was captured on film and will be shared with YOG fans later this summer.

Ever wondered what Lindsey ate before winning her gold medal in Vancouver 2010? Well, we found out when she cooked us her favourite banana bread in true ‘Jamie Oliver’ style, taking us step-by-step through the healthy recipe in front of the camera. So, get your mixing bowls out and get ready to cook!

There’s no better way to finish the day than with a game of tennis! We asked Lindsey to ‘switch sports’ and found out she is an awesome tennis player! After a quick warm up, Lindsey challenged Yoggl to a match. We won’t give away the score, but it was as much a battle with the giggles than a battle against the goat!

Exclusive videos will be out soon. Watch this space!