Balint Kopasz wins men's single kayak 1000m gold for Hungary, teammate Adam Varga takes silver

It's a double victory for the Hungarian paddlers as they take gold and silver in the men's single kayak 1000m; Portugal's Fernando Pimenta clinches bronze

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Paddlers Balint Kopasz and Adam Varga have won a double victory for Hungary at men's single kayak 1000m event held in the Sea Forest Waterway today 3 August.

Kopasz claimed gold after an impressive run at around 500m, breaking Portugal's Fernando Pimenta's early lead to win and record an Olympic best time of 3:20.643.

Meanwhile, his teammate Varga, who was on third position in the first few quarters of the race, surged ahead at around 750m past Pimenta to cross the finish line at 3:22.431, clinching silver.

Pimenta settled for bronze after clocking a time of 3:22.478.

“It is a very, very good feeling. I felt confident I was going to get on the podium because in 2019 I actually won here, at this venue,” Kopasz, now an Olympic gold medallist, said.

“My coach told me this was going to be a good year for me and I pictured getting a gold medal against very, very strong opponents so this is a very nice feeling for me."

Kopasz didn't forget to thank his family after his maiden victory at an Olympic Games.

“Of course it must be a very nice feeling for my family as well, since (I am) winning the kayak 1000m, which is the most important men’s event. I am very fortunate because both my mother and my father were kayakers so I have very good genes.”

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Hungarian teammate Varga was equally ecstatic about his victory.

“I am so happy to have this silver medal in my hand. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it. It is such a special feeling to stand on the podium, with my teammate, in first and second place. I hope this is also a special feeling for my friends as well," the 21-year-old athlete said.

“Thank you to my supporters that were able to wake up so early to watch me.”

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Despite losing the gold and silver position, the Pimenta has now been able to erase his Rio 2016 disappointment with his bronze medal victory at Tokyo 2020.

"Mix of emotions. I am so happy to take a medal. In this Olympic cycle, I take in every European or world championship in K1 1000 I have medals and so to finish this Olympic cycle with a medal is so important," the 31-year-old athlete said.

“It is just the start of my beautiful career and I hope that in three years in Paris I can fight another time for medals. I will fight, I will work hard the next three years because this bronze is just the start. I am young.”

Pimenta can now add his bronze medal to his trophy medal cabinet along with the silver medal he won in the K2 1000m event at London 2012.


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