Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | As it happened: Simone Biles press conference and podium training

Simone Biles held a rare pre-competition press conference before rocking podium training at the Stuttgart World Championships.

By ZK Goh and Scott Bregman

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's live blog coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing you all the latest news, videos, and updates.

Simone Biles, the four-time Olympic and 14-time World Champion, held a pre-competition press conference this morning, in which she spoke about her expectations for these Championships.

Later in the afternoon, Russia held podium training, before the spectators got what they wanted to see: Biles landing her triple-double, double-double, and even her eponymous Biles vault.

You can re-live all the action below, and also check out our World Championships preview article, preview video, or watch our original series All Around.

All times below are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2 hours). Most recent entries first.

10:00 pm – Goodnight!

Well, that was an incredible day!

Simone Biles and Team USA certainly made the fans who were here happy. They were cheering loudly all night, and it was a steal at just 10 euros.

We'll bring you blog and video coverage of the Russian men's podium training tomorrow afternoon.

But until then, it's goodnight from us, and goodnight from Team USA.

Team USA pose after podium training at the Stuttgart Worlds

9:50 pm – Watch: USA train on balance beam

And for those of you who're waiting for it, here's the other five Team USA girls on balance beam.

9:40 pm – Biles is a superstar – just don't call her one

There's little doubt Simone Biles is a superstar, although she said this morning she didn't like to think of herself as one.

"I feel like if I were to label myself a superstar it would bring more expectations on me and I would feel more pressure in the limelight," she said. "When I go out there to compete, I represent Simone, not Simone Biles. At the end of the day I'm still a human being, not Simone Biles the superstar."

Well, here's her balance beam routine from this evening.

9:25 pm – ICYMI: USA on uneven bars

9:18 pm – Biles lands double-double dismount off beam

Simone Biles is definitely keen to get her name in the Code of Points again here. She's landed her double-double dismount off beam in podium training.

9:00 pm – FULL VIDEO: Biles does a Biles on vault

Here's full video from all of Team USA's vault routines, including Simone Biles doing a Biles vault.

8:43 pm – WATCH: USA uneven bars routines

8:35 pm – Biles does a Biles on vault

For the first time since she fell attempting it at last year's all-around world final, Simone Biles has landed a Biles on vault.

8:10 pm – Biles lands triple-double in podium training

Now, this is who and what they've paid their 10 euros to come see: Simone Biles doing and landing the triple-double on floor in podium training!

And here's the other five Team USA gymnasts on floor…

7:50 pm – Here they come!

Here they come – Subdivision 12, led off by the United States of America and Simone Biles who get absolutely raucous cheers from the crowd!

This is what they've all come to see.

The USA begin on floor, and we're live streaming it on our Instagram stories live! Head over to our Instagram page now! (You must view in the Instagram mobile app for the live stream to work. But don't worry, if you can't see it, we'll be bringing their bars routines to you later.)

Team USA introductions

7:25 pm – Catch up on All-Around

While we wait for the American women to take to podium training in front of a crowd that's growing more excited, why not catch up on the first two episodes of the Olympic Channel's Original Series, All-Around?

And we have news: episode three drops tomorrow!

7:00 pm – Men getting ready

Of course, while the women finish up with their second and last day of podium training, the men are still hard at work in the unofficial practice halls.

Here's Great Britain's two-time Olympic champion Max Whitlock getting ready.

6:40 pm – Speaking of Maria Paseka…

Here she is, talking about coming back for Tokyo 2020.

6:15 pm – Melnikova: Ankle "getting better"

Angelina Melnikova told the Olympic Channel that her recent ankle problems are improving.

"I'm getting better," she said through a translator. "I went through a big physiotherapy course. That’s why everything is okay with my health right now."

She also praised the reaction of the fans present in the arena during training.

"That was really a great feeling for us," she said. "We were actually surprised when there was so much applause for our exercises, it's cool."

5:55 pm

We're now into the 11th subdivision of the women's training. Team USA will follow at 8 pm local time in the 12th and final subdivision.

We have reaction from Melnikova coming shortly.

5:30 pm – ICYMI: Melnikova on uneven bars

If you weren't watching our live stream below or you missed it, here's Angelina Melnikova on uneven bars.

5:15 pm – Video from Russia on vault

Here's Melnikova and Rio 2016 silver medallist Maria Paseka on vault earlier.

4:50 pm – WATCH: Russia train on uneven bars

Angelina Melnikova starts her floor routine in podium training

3:54 pm – Rough rotation for Russia

The Russians' first training rotation - on balance beam - was not what they will be hoping for in a few days during their qualification round on 5 October. Several of the athletes came off the beam while performing their full routines, including Angelina Melnikova, who over rotated her double pike dismount. She got back up a few minutes later and hit one with a small step forward.

They go to floor next.

Russia pose before floor routine in podium training

3:40 pm – Enjoying the music

There's no doubt the fans are bringing a different element to today's podium training as they're clapping along to the music being used for the athletes' floor routines.

It's not full by any means, but the athletes will no doubt want to put on a show – even in training – for the spectators.

Spectators in the arena in Stuttgart

3:27 pm – Rocking in the arena

The atmosphere in here is certainly different with fans attending. Lots of whooping and cheering as each athlete was introduced for this sub-division.

Russia will start on beam, then move to floor, vault, and finish on uneven bars. We hope to bring you a live stream of their routine on bars.

3:15 pm – Welcome back!

Welcome back to Stuttgart, where for a change we have paying spectators in the building.

They've all bought tickets for 10 euros to see Angelina Melnikova's Russia and Simone Biles' USA in podium training.

Russia are in the sub-division that take to the podium at 3:30 pm.

12:10 pm – WATCH: Simone Biles' full press conference

11:20 am – That's it

And that's it. Biles has left the room. We'll have video of the press conference shortly, but we will pause the live blog for now.

Do come back later when we will have coverage from podium training.

11:17 am

"To go out there and have better performances for this year, I've had a couple mistakes in previous competitions this year so hopefully it goes better. I feel a lot more confident even waking up this week, I feel more confident in myself and my routines, so I feel this world championships will go a lot more smoothly."

11:15 am

"I feel like if I were to label myself a superstar it would bring more expectations on me and I would feel more pressure in the limelight. Compared to now when I go out there to compete, and I represent Simone, not Simone Biles. At the end of the day I'm still Simone the human, not Simone Biles the superstar."

11:11 am – New skills

"We'll be doing the triple-double every competition here because that's just what we've been doing every day in the gym. But not the double-double beam dismount.

"I feel that putting my name on a skill because it'll be in the Code of Points forever, it's not just medals. So it's really exciting."

11:09 am

Biles laughs at a question directed at her coach Landi about how difficult it is to train the greatest gymnast of all time, then jokes that she gives him grey hair.

11:07 am – Motivation

"I feel like for me getting the skills named after me is really exciting, just to prove to myself that I can do them under all the pressure that is going to be there that night."

Asked about 44-year-old Oksana Chusovitina, Biles shakes her head when asked if she intends to go that long in her career.

"She's very brave, she has a lot of courage. I definitely unfortunately won't be going to 44 years old. She's doing the all-around? Okay, yeah, I won't be trying that."

11:05 am – On replacing Bolt and Phelps as the Olympic star

"I guess I didn't really think of that going into an Olympic year or non-Olympic year. I never really feel like I'm a big name because everybody puts that on me, I don't put it on myself so I don't really pay attention, every year I just try to get better than the year before."

11:04 am

"I feel like this year I've been the most confident with not letting the outside expectations get on me. On beam I really get nervous with the expectations but with the others I'm usually confident with what I do. It's hard but I manage.

"I feel like this year our team dynamic is really strong, and that's different than any other quad, I feel like. We have a lot of strength in the team in all of the event as well as in the all-around. I'm pretty confident with the six girls that we have here."

11:02 am – Biles reflects on changes since 2013

"I came in as a rookie in 2013 not knowing what to expect and now going into 2019 I feel like I have a lot of expectations for myself. It's really exciting to go out there and represent myself and my country and do the best of my ability.

"I have two new skills that I'll be doing, one on beam and one on floor. We're deciding which competitions to do it on, I'll do it today in podium training. I'm really excited to do them and hopefully get them named after me at this competition."

11:00 am – Biles is here

She's here. She's accompanied by her coach, Laurent Landi.

10:40 am – Olympic Channel exclusive podcast with Biles

The Olympic Channel spoke to Biles in August for the Olympic Channel Podcast, and you can listen to that while we wait below.

10:25 am – Waiting for Simone Biles

Good morning from Stuttgart, where we're waiting to hear from the four-time Olympic champion and 14-time world champion Simone Biles.

She normally doesn't hold open press conferences by herself, so this is a first for her.

In the meantime, why not catch up with her triple-double she did on floor in unofficial practice on Sunday?


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