Arthur Nory feeling 'scared' after robbers invade his house

Rio 2016 bronze medallist reveals that robbers took medals and trophies but Olympic and World championship medals are safe. 

By Sven Busch
Picture by 2019 Getty Images

Brazil's star gymnast Arthur Nory suffered a scary moment as robbers invaded his home in Sao Paulo taking medals and trophies.

The Rio 2016 bronze medallist revealed on Friday evening that armed bandits broke into his house while he was away training.

They took medals that he won at the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima and other World Cup awards but could not get their hands on his Olympic bronze and his horizontal bar gold from the world championships.

Nory won gold with the team in Lima and picked up silver in the All-around and on the horizontal bar.

"I am still scared. They searched all the cabinets for money and jewellery. Luckily they didn't get the Olympic medal which was well hidden. I hide it somewhere else," the 27-year-old said in an interview with Globo Sports, while assuring his fans that he was fine.

"You try to digest it. When the police and forensics team came, it started to sink in that I lost all my medals."

"It has no financial value. It is not jewellery but it has sentimental value and they mean a lot for an athlete. A medal is the result of hard work."

Later he added in an Instagram post that he is hoping to win more medals.

"Rest assured, thank God everything is fine with me. I want to continue my work to bring home more medals," Nory wrote.

"If you know of these medals, let me know and return them. They have great value to me."

Nory took advantage of the postponement of the Tokyo Games and underwent surgery on his left shoulder in the first half of last year.

The recovery process was hard but Nory is optimistic that his hard work pays off.

"The scars remain, but the willpower to improve continues," he wrote on Instagram on 21 September 2020.

The Tokyo Games have a special meaning for Nory, whose grandparents moved from Japan to Brazil decades ago.

“Part of my family, my mother’s family, are from Japan, from Okinawa,” he explained. “My blood is half-Japanese, half-Brazilian. So it will be amazing to compete at home again."