Skateboarder Candy Jacobs talks Tony Hawk deal, Instagram, and Tokyo 2020

The 2018 European Street Skating champion joined the Olympic Channel for an in-depth interview.

By Ed Knowles
Picture by 2018 Getty Images

One day during the Covid-19 pandemic, Candy Jacobs’ life changed when skateboarding legend Tony Hawk sent her a direct message on Instagram.

She opened it up.

It was an invitation to skate for his world-famous Birdhouse brand.

“I told my mom at that point, I was like, 'Mom, my life just changed',” she said to the Olympic Channel Podcast.

The 2018 European street skateboarding champion joined us for an in-depth interview.

Here are a few of the key takeaways…

Candy Jacobs on joining skateboarding legend Tony Hawk

The life of a pro skater seems like one of complete bliss.

Eat. Skate. Sleep. Repeat.

In reality, the lifestyle brings with it certain financial implications, meaning one bad fall could seriously affect your earnings.

This big deal for Candy Jacobs with Tony Hawk’s skate brand Birdhouse has come at the end of a lot of setbacks.

“I'm super thankful just to get an opportunity at this point in my career to ride for a brand like that… such a legit brand.”

Candy Jacobs on the price of following your dreams

The 30-year-old has seen her friends settle down to buy houses and get married.

Jacobs has sacrificed a lot in order to follow her passion for skating.

“I had the fear of being left behind or become really lonely… there's definitely still moments that I feel like, ‘who am I?’

“I'm 30 years old. Maybe I should be thinking about kids… but my mind is just obsessed with skateboarding all the time.

“I can't think about anything else. So, I think this is what I should be doing.”

Candy Jacobs skateboarding at the Olympics

Jacobs isn’t officially qualified for the Olympics, but it would be a big surprise if she wasn’t there, representing The Netherlands

She is currently nursing herself back to full health after some knee problems.

After she’s achieved her dream of competing at the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021, Candy is looking forward to hitting the streets to shoot some video.

"It feels like a constant hustle because the Olympics is still coming.

“[Street skating is a] different kind of hustle, but… skating is a fun hustle. It's always been this rad… skateboarding's rad, honestly!”

Candy Jacobs on finding her calling

As a youngster, Candy Jacobs found it hard to locate a sport that she really connected to deeply.

Then, aged 13, her mother dropped her off at a local skate park.

She loved it.

“I got on my skateboard and it was like lightning struck

“[I thought], ‘OK, this is it.'

“I didn't really have talent, but I had a lot of persistence.”

Candy Jacobs on comparisons on Instagram

With injuries and the coronavirus pandemic, the temptation to spend a lot of time watching skate videos on social media is quite high.

It’s not always the healthiest of options for optimum mental health.

“Sometimes it drives me crazy.

“Sometimes I just have to not be on Instagram for a week… I'm really I'm pretty hard on myself.

“I always want to be the best version of me [and] be the best skater.

“But Instagram makes it really hard because you always compare… so sometimes you have to block it for a minute.”


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