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Olympic Channel launches inspirational new series 'Her Game'

The new episodes use social media and music to show how six female athletes are promoting a message that transcends their sport.
By Andrew Binner

Many elite athletes are motivated by issues that transcend their sport.

That is the inspiration behind the new Olympic Channel series: ‘Her Game.’

Launching March 9 in conjunction with International Women’s Day, we follow six female athletes who are using their platforms to make the world a better place.

The six episodes were made using interviews, authentic content on the athletes’ social media profiles, and famous music tracks that connected with the same message.

The exciting sport-music-social media collaboration can be viewed now on this link.

Episode one is about 12-year-old martial artist Channah Ze.

The American third-degree black belt demonstrates her impressive bo staff skills, while she also fights against bullying.

Next up we look at the story of Olympic gold medallist figure skater Aljona Savchenko, who never gave up on her dream despite several setbacks.

The 37-year-old mother is hoping to compete at Beijing 2022, and her episode features the song “Queen” by Loren Gray - an American music star who boasts over 21 million Instagram followers.

Ishita Malaviya broke ground in India as her nation’s first professional female surfer.

She works tirelessly in her community as a role model, giving free surf and skate lessons to the kids in her village.

Episode four follows the journey of Thema Williams, who was the first Trinidad and Tobago gymnast to appear at the World Championships, and she continues to inspire despite being forced to retire early.

Deyna Castellanos is a 21-year-old football star from Venezuela, who was the youngest ever female nominee for the FIFA Awards.

But the Atletico Madrid striker is so much more than her goals, inspiring young women in Venezuela to play professional football and get university qualifications.

Finally, there is Silvia Solymosyova, a synchronised swimming star from Slovakia.

The 17-year-old is an aspiring social media star, and uses Tiktok (where she has 1M+ followers) to amplify her *anti-bullying message. *