Everything you need to know about karate at the Youth Olympic Games

The sport makes its debut at Buenos Aires 2018 and here's how to watch it.

Karate makes its debut as an Olympic sport at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

It will make its first senior appearance at Tokyo 2020, but before that, we will get to see the best young karatekas in the world in Argentina.

Some of karate's principles include honour, perseverance, and respect, in keeping with the Olympic values.

Karate basics

There are two styles of competitive karate overseen by the World Karate Federation: kumite (sparring) and kata (forms).

At the Youth Olympic Games, only kumite will be contested.

Athletes will wear gloves and foot protection during each bout.

Each match lasts for two minutes, during which the karatekas have to try to score points by punching, kicking and taking down their opponents. The athlete with more points after two minutes wins.

Competition format

Eight athletes will compete in each of the six events at the YOG, with an equal number of male and female karatekas.

In the elimination round, athletes will be placed into two groups of four each. The top two contestants from each pool advance to the semi-finals.

The losing semi-finalists will both win bronze medals, as there will not be a third-place bout.

Athletes taking part in Buenos Aires will be aged 16 or 17.

When and where

Karate will take place in the Youth Olympic Park at the Europa Pavilion.

The sport will be one of the last to award its medals, with competitions taking place on the last two days of the Games.

(All dates and times in Buenos Aires local time)

17 October

10:00–13:10 Women's −53 kg, Women's −59 kg, Men's −61 kg elimination rounds

15:00–16:30 Women's −53 kg, Women's −59 kg, Men's −61 kg semi-finals, final, and medal ceremony

18 October

09:00–12:10 Women's +59 kg, Men's −68 kg, Men's +68 kg elimination rounds

14:00–15:30 Women's +59 kg, Men's −68 kg, Men's +68 kg semi-finals, final, and medal ceremony

Watching online

You can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.