William GREBE

United States of America USA


  • Olympic Medals
    1 S
    1 B
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  • First Olympic Games
    St. Louis 1904
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William GREBE

Chicago’s William Grebe won his Olympic silver medal in a fence-off with Albertson Van Zo Post, after they were both defeated by the Harvard-trained Cuban, Manuel Díaz. In addition to his medal events, Grebe competed in individual foil at the 1904 Olympics, but was eliminated in a semi-final pool, losing every bout. He was also AFLA national champion in épée individual, while representing the Chicago Fencers Club.

Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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St. Louis 1904

#5 p1 r1/2
Foil, Individual
Foil, Individual Fencing
Single Sticks, Individual
Single Sticks, Individual Fencing
Sabre, Individual
Sabre, Individual Fencing