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William Edward EATON

William Eaton represented England in the International Cross-Country championship four times (1933-36) and within six weeks of winning the 1936 International race, he took the AAA 10 miles title with a new British record. Ten days later he set a British record for 6 miles and in both races he beat records set by Alfred Shrubb in 1904. After this fine start to the season, disappointment followed: he only placed fourth in the AAA 6 miles in July and in the Olympic 10K the following month, he failed to finish in the first 20. Depressed by his poor Olympic showing, Eaton announced his retirement but soon reversed the decision and planned an attack on the world 10 mile record which then stood to the credit of Paavo Nurmi and was only some 15 seconds faster than Eaton’s British record. Training for the record attempt on a cold evening clad only in shorts and singlet, he contracted pneumonia from which he subsequently died.

Personal Bests: 6 miles – 29:51.4 (1936); 10000 – 31:27.0 (1936); 10 miles – 50:30.8 (1936).


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