Valerio ARRI

Italy ITA


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    1 B
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    Antwerp 1920
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Valerio ARRI

Valerio Arri had his first minor success in 1912, placing ninth in the Franco-Italian run from Nice to Monaco. His first victories came in 1917 winning the cross-country run of US Ausonia in La Spezia. In 1919, then wearing the colors of US Barriera Nizza Torino, he won the first Torino marathon and a bit later a 48 km marathon in Milano, which earned him the Italian Championship and a place on the Italian 1920 Olympic team. After winning the bronze medal in Antwerpen he continued to run long distances but with less success, but still placed fourth in 1921 and third in 1923 at the Torino Marathon. Since 1996, the “Premio Valerio Arri” has been awarded to honor the winner of the Torino Marathon, which has become one of the most important awards in Italian athletics.

Personal Best\: Mar – 2-36:33 (1920).

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Antwerp 1920

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