Thaddeus MCCLAIN

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    1 B
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    Paris 1900
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Thaddeus MCCLAIN

Thaddeus McClain finished third in the 100y at the 1899-1900 IC4A. He ran for the University of Pennsylvania, graduating from there in 1901 with a degree in economics. McClain became a district sales manager for Bell Telephone Company for many years, but later was an assistant to the President of a factory in Burlington, New Jersey.

Personal Bests: 100 – 11.6 (1900); LJ – 6.92 (1900).

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Paris 1900

#AC h4 r2/3
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
#3 h2 r1/2
200 metres Hurdles
200 metres Hurdles Athletics
4,000 metres Steeplechase
4,000 metres Steeplechase Athletics
Long Jump
Long Jump Athletics
100 metres, Handicap
100 metres, Handicap Athletics
Long Jump, Handicap
Long Jump, Handicap Athletics