Susan Estelle SMITH-SLOAN

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    1 B
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    Montreal 1976
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Susan Estelle SMITH-SLOAN

Susan Sloan took up swimming at the age of nine and, by 15, was breaking Canadian national records. She was runner-up in the 100 metre butterfly at the 1974 Canadian Championships and had improved enough by the time of the trials for the 1976 Summer Olympics to not only make the team, but to set national and Commonwealth records in the 100 m butterfly. At the Games she won bronze in the 4x100 metre medley relay, alongside Debbie Clarke, Wendy Cook-Hogg, Robin Corsiglia, and Anne Jardin, and was eliminated in the semifinals of the 100 m butterfly. Following this tournament, she entered Arizona State University on an athletic scholarship, but continued to compete for Canada internationally. In 1978 she won a gold medal in the 4x100 m freestyle relay, with Gail Amundrud, Carol Klimpel, and Wendy Quirk, and bronze in the same event at that year’s World Championships, alongside Amundrud, Quirk, and Nancy Garapick. She also participated in the 1979 Pan American Games and was selected for the 1980 Summer Olympics, but stayed at home after Canada joined the boycott of those Games. She graduated from Arizona State in 1982 with a degree in physical education and then attended law school at the University of British Columbia. As of 2013 she works as an attorney in that province.

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Montreal 1976

#5 h1 r2/3
100 metres Butterfly
100 metres Butterfly Swimming
4 x 100 metres Medley Relay
4 x 100 metres Medley Relay Swimming