Simeon Garland INESS

United States of America USA


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    1 G
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    Helsinki 1952
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Simeon Garland INESS

On his 18th birthday Sim Iness placed sixth at the 1948 Final Trials, but four years later he won the Trials and went on to take the Olympic title, beating Consolini’s Olympic record with all of his six throws. While at Southern Cal, Iness won the NCAA in 1952 and 1953 and on the second occasion he became the first man in history to throw 190 feet when he took the title with a world record 190-0⅞ (57.93). After his active days were over, Iness became a football and track coach.

Personal Best: DT – 190-0⅞ (57.93) (1953).

Olympic Results

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Helsinki 1952

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