Rudolf BAUER

Hungary HUN


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    1 G
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    Paris 1900
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Rudolf BAUER

Rudolf Bauer was with the Budapesti Torna Club from 1895-98, competing in track & field athletics, wresting, rowing and playing football. In 1898 Bauer began studies at the University of Budapest, but in 1899 he switched to the Magyaróvár Economic Academy, now part of Széchenyi István University in Győr. After winning the Hungarian selection tournament, Bauer was sent to Paris, where he threw 36.04 in the qualifying round. As nobody surpassed his mark during the final round, Bauer took first place. After returning from Paris, Bauer competed very rarely and, after finishing his studies at the Academy, he moved to a farm in the village of Sósér near Dunatetétlen, where he died in 1932, aged 53.

Personal Best: DT - 36.04 (1900).

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