Ronald Marshall MERRIOTT

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    1 B
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    Los Angeles 1984
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Ronald Marshall MERRIOTT

Ron Merriott was primarily a springboard diver, winning a bronze at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics on the 3-metre board. Merriott attended the University of Michigan where he was the 1982 and 1984 NCAA Champion in springboard. He was US Champion on the 1-metre springboard in outdoors in 1983, and won both the 1-metre and 3-metre events indoors in 1982. Merriott won the springboard at the 1983 Australian International and the 1983 Australian Open. He later became a certified diving judge.

Diving was not Merriott’s only sport. He actually started off on trampoline and was 1976 World Junior Champion on the double mini trampoline, and won the US title on double mini trampoline in 1976 and 1978. He said one time that he thought he would make the Olympics in trampoline, not diving, although trampoline was not an Olympic event until 2000. In 2014 Merriott was honored by the World Acrobatic Society for his contributions to the trampoline event.


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Los Angeles 1984

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