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    St. Moritz 1948
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One of Norway's top junior skaters before World War II, Reidar Liaklev had become one of the best long distance skaters in the World by the time international speed skating resumed fully in 1947. At the 1947 World Championships, he won the 10,000 m, and the next year he took the Olympic 5,000 m as well as the European title at Hamar. In 1949, Liaklev grabbed the Norwegian title, but did not medal internationally. His last international success came in 1950, winning the silver medal at the European Championships. Reidar Liaklev worked as a post master in his home village of Jaren, where he also served on the community council and was a well-known beekeeper. Liaklev's name lived on after his skating career, due to the radio quote "two [seconds] behind Liaklev", originating from the 1947 World Championships, where eventual winner Lassi Parkkinen was 2 seconds behind his 10,000 m time for most of the race.

Personal Bests: 500 – 44.0 (1949); 1500 – 2:16.6 (1949); 5000 – 8:18.0 (1950); 10000 – 17:24.9 (1948).

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St. Moritz 1948

10,000 metres
10,000 metres Speed Skating
5,000 metres
5,000 metres Speed Skating