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For Swiss-born Petra Klingler, climbing is in her family. Behind her parents and grandparents, she is a third-generation climber, albeit the first to take part in the ultimate competition: the Olympics.

As a teenager, Klingler was also talented in horse riding, but at 13 she made the decision to focus on climbing – initially specialising in speed, she switched to bouldering where she has found success in the discipline.

Her first win came in lead climbing, but she’s gone on to become a World Bouldering Champion, Swiss Champion in speed and bouldering and a European bronze medallist in bouldering.

Klingler booked her ticket to Tokyo 2020 when she finished 8th at the 2019 Climbing World Championships in Hachioji. She ranked 16th in Tokyo.

Much of her success in climbing can be attributed to her sheer strength and versatility that allows her to be adaptive to all three Olympic disciplines. The 29-year-old has already previously demonstrated her skills in all three, however. At the 2019 Swiss Championships she claimed the title in speed, bouldering and lead.

Even though much of what she is capable of comes down to her dynamic ability to scale the wall, her unwavering mentality is equally as important to her success – her prevailing attitude continues to complement her climbs and can be a big difference-maker.

"Never give up" is her motto according to one of her sponsors, "even if the next move seems impossible. If you think you can do it, you'll better prepare for it. That can be decisive."

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