Patrick Joseph LEAHY

Great Britain
TeamGreat Britain
Olympic Medals
Games Participations2
First Olympic GamesParis 1900
Year of Birth1877


Pat Leahy was one of seven brothers in a talented athletic family and one of the greatest all-round jumpers of his era. At his best as a high jumper, Leahy produced a remarkable series of marks at provincial meetings and was capable of 6-3 (1.90) at major championships (Gaelic AA 1898), but there is no record of him ever clearing 6-0 (1.83) outside Ireland. He won the AAA high jump (1898-99), the Irish AAA title (1897-1900), and the Gaelic AA title (1897-98). In July 1898, his 6-5½ (1.97) failed to receive official recognition, although leading officials who were present vouched for its legality. In September a legitimate clearance of 6-4¾ (1.95) gave him the European record and in 1899 he cleared 6-5 (1.96) three times, but none were accepted as a record. As a long jumper, Pat Leahy placed third at the 1900 AAA Championships and won both Irish and Gaelic titles in 1903. Although he did not win any titles in the triple jump he produced some outstanding performances and was selected for the high, long, and triple jumps at the 1900 Olympics. He later competed at the 1908 Olympic high jump, but did not qualify for the final. In August 1909, he emigrated to America with his brother, Con, and in September 1916, at the age of 39, he set a new Irish record for three standing jumps at the Gaelic AA Games in Chicago.

Personal Bests: HJ – 1.968 (6-5½) (1898); LJ – 7.29 (23-11) (1902); TJ – 15.15 (49-8¼) (1901).

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