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Nikolaus OTT

The West German coxed fours placed 12th at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. The crew did not start in the B-final due to the illness of two crew members. Cox Stefan Armbruster rowed together with Niko Ott, Peter Berger, Udo Brecht and Hans-Johann Färber of RV Neptun Konstanz and also earned the 1968 West German national title. Ott won the national title in the coxed pairs with Armbruster and Berger in 1967.

As his teammate Roland Böse fell ill, Ott replaced him in the final of the Deutschland-Achter (German Eights) in Mexico City, and won a gold medal. He was on the way back from the cinema to the Olympic Village, when his coach asked him to participate in the eights final. Ott presented the gold medal subsequently to Böse, and he received a copy from the IOC shortly after the Games. This crew was named Team of the Year in 1968 and was awarded the Silver Bay Leaf, Germany’s highest sport award. The crew then carried the Olympic Flag into the stadium at the 1972 München Olympics.

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