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Muhammed Anas

A young sprinter who has shone across running events in Asia, Muhammed Anas is one of India’s brightest stars on the track.

India’s national record holder in the 400m, Anas has won medals at the Asian Games, Asian Championships and is only the third Indian quarter-miler to participate at the Olympics after KM Binu and Milkha Singh, a feat he achieved in Rio 2016.

Muhammed Anas grew up in the village of Nilamel in Kerala and it wasn’t a surprise that he took up athletics. His father Yahiya was a state-level athlete and Anas’ first realisation of wanting to take up the sport came when he saw Jamaican legend Usain Bolt tearing down the Beijing track at the 2008 Olympics.

Anas joined a local sports club and though he was recognised as the fastest runner in the village, his mentor felt his tall frame was better suited to the long jump event.

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Rio 2016

#6 h7 r1/3
400 metres
400 metres Athletics
#AC h2 r1/2
4 x 400 metres Relay
4 x 400 metres Relay Athletics