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The energetic and ambitious chairman of the Deutscher Schwimm-Verband (DSV) Georg Hax received an invitation to the 1900 Olympic Games. His aim was to send the German Swimming Federation to Paris to contest the world's best. Hax nominated for the water polo team Max Hainle from Stuttgart and Ernst Hoppenberg from Bremen, who were already chosen as swimmers for Paris. Other participants were Fritz Scheider (Poseidon Berlin), Paul Gebauer (Berlin SV von 1878), Gustav Lexau (Berliner Schwimm Club “Trout”), and Hans Aniol (Amateur SC Berlin). Under the name L'équipe impériale Allemande the German Reich selection went to Paris with Hax as team captain and goalkeeper.

In the game Germany against Pupilles de Neptune from Lille, the French proved far superior and led at half-time, 3-0. The German team had a hard struggle, since they had to cope with the international rules for the first time. The popular “ball in hand” tactic was countered by aggressive play by the French. A tactical change at the break helped the Germans score two goals in the second half, while Lille did not score any further, nevertheless they won 3-2.

Hainle also finished fourth in the 1,000 metres freestyle and won the gold medal with the German team in the 200 metre team competition. In 1898 and 1900 he was German Champion in the 1,500 freestyle, and in 1902 he was runner-up at the European Championships in springboard diving.

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