Olympic Medals
Games Participations2
First Olympic GamesParis 1900
Year of Birth1861


An all-around marksman, Léon Moreaux was a notable shooter with both rifles and handguns. Competing in three Olympic Games, he earned a total of seven Olympic medals. At the 1906 Intercalated Games, he won gold in both the dueling pistol and the military rifle to mark his versatility. In shooting World Championships, Moreaux also fared well. Not counting the two medals at the Paris Games (which doubled as World Championships), he won 18 medals, including two world titles. These both came in 1898, when he won he team free rifle event with France, and the free rifle prone competition. At the same tournament, he also came second in the free rifle overall and standing competitions, and came third in the kneeling ranking. Curiously, Moreaux has also won seven bronze medals in the team free pistol event (1902, 1904-1909). His last World Championship medal came in 1911, when he ranked third in the army rifle prone competition. Despite being aged 62 when the First World War broke out, the artillery soldier from Rennes enlisted for service in 1914, and survived the war, later being made an officer in the Legion of Honor.

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