Ladislav SVANDA

Czechoslovakia TCH


  • Olympic Medals
    1 B
  • Games participations
  • First Olympic Games
    Calgary 1988
  • Year of Birth
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Ladislav SVANDA

During his career, Ladislav Švanda won two major international tournament medals – relay bronzes at the 1988 Olympics (with Radim Nyč, Pavel Benc and Václav Korunka) and at the 1989 World Championships (with Nyč, Korunka and Martin Petrásek). His best individual finish at major international tournaments was 13th in 30 km at the 1987 World Championships. Švanda’s best finish in a World Cup race was seventh, which he achieved twice – in the 15 km at both Oslo in March 1985 and in February 1986 at Kavgolovo. His best overall World Cup finish was 25th in 1984-85 season. Švanda retired from sports after the 1989 World Championships and later operated a sports goods store in Liberec.

Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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Calgary 1988

15 kilometres, Classical
15 kilometres, Classical Cross Country Skiing
30 kilometres, Classical
30 kilometres, Classical Cross Country Skiing
50 kilometres, Freestyle
50 kilometres, Freestyle Cross Country Skiing
4 × 10 kilometres Relay
4 × 10 kilometres Relay Cross Country Skiing