Karl Gustav STAAF


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    1 G
    1 B
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    Paris 1900
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Karl Gustav STAAF

Karl Gustaf Staaf was one of the three Swedes on the combined Danish / Swedish team that won the tug-of-war event at the 1900 Paris Olympics. Staaf also competed in four athletics events in 1900, the triple jump, standing triple jump, pole vault, and hammer throw, and also competed in the handicap discus throw, in which he placed third. In 1900 Staaf won Swedish titles in the pole vault, discus, and pentathlon. He was a member of Djurgårdens Idrottsförening

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Paris 1900

Tug-Of-War Tug-Of-War
Pole Vault
Pole Vault Athletics
Triple Jump
Triple Jump Athletics
Standing Triple Jump
Standing Triple Jump Athletics
Hammer Throw
Hammer Throw Athletics
Discus Throw, Handicap
Discus Throw, Handicap Athletics