Joseph LYDON

United States of America USA


  • Olympic Medals
    1 S
    1 B
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  • First Olympic Games
    St. Louis 1904
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Joseph LYDON

Joe Lydon is distinguished among American Olympians as having won Olympic medals in two truly disparate sports. Lydon was probably the outstanding athlete at the CBC school in 1904 and when an Olympic soccer tournament was scheduled, school officials approached him about organizing a soccer team, which he did. But in addition, Lydon boxed in the Olympics, losing in the welterweight semi-finals to Harry Spanjer. Besides boxing and soccer, Lydon was an outstanding track star. He was primarily a sprinter, with a best time of 49.0 in the 440 yds. – heady stuff for 1904. Lydon began his business career as a whiskey salesman before prohibition hit the country. He also served as superintendent of St. Louis streets from 1901 until 1909. From 1918 until his death, Joe Lydon ran his own company, the Joseph P. Lydon Oil Company. However, a hobby took up much of his time. He raised beagles and was a charter member of the St. Louis AKC Beagle Club.

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St. Louis 1904

Lightweight (≤135 pounds)
Lightweight (≤135 pounds) Boxing
Welterweight (≤145 pounds)
Welterweight (≤145 pounds) Boxing
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