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As the runners in the steeplechase at the 1900 Olympics had to contend with stone fences, a water jump, hurdles and other obstacles, Great Britain was well served by the cross-country experience of her representatives. There were two steeplechase events in Paris, the 2,500 metres event being held first, with the race over 4,000 metres scheduled for the following day. Unlike most of the leading contenders, John Rimmer did not start in the shorter event and went to the post for the 4,000 metres race fresher than the majority of the field. The British trio of Rimmer, Charles Bennett, and Sidney Robinson came home virtually together, but it was Rimmer who caught the judges’ eye and was awarded first place with just two seconds separating the three runners. Rimmer, a Liverpool policeman for 30 years who began his athletic career with Sefton Harriers, of whom he later became President, before joining Southport Harriers, later won a second gold medal in the 5,000 metres team race in which he himself finished second. He was second in the AAA 10 miles for three successive years from 1899 behind three great distance runners, Charles Bennett, Sidney Robinson and Alf Shrubb respectively. His only win at these championships came at Stamford Bridge in 1901 1900 when he won the 4 miles. Jack Rimmer won races at distances from 100 yards to 25 miles and was still running for Sefton beyond the age of 50.

Personal Bests: 880y – 1:58.2 (1902); 1500 - 4:11.2 (1899); Mile – 4:28.2e (1900); 2 miles – 9:22.6 (1902); 3 miles – 14:58.2 (1900); 4 miles – 20:11.0 (1900); 6 miles – 31:26.2e (1900); 10 miles – 53:17.0 (1900).

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Paris 1900

1,500 metres
1,500 metres Athletics
2,500 metre steeplechase, Handicap
2,500 metre steeplechase, Handicap Athletics
4,000 metres Steeplechase
4,000 metres Steeplechase Athletics
5,000 metres, Team
5,000 metres, Team Athletics