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    2 S
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    Paris 1900
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In addition to placing second in the 110 m hurdles at the 1900 Olympics, John McLean placed sixth in the long jump, and competed in the 200 m hurdles and both the running and standing triple jumps. He also finished second in the non-Olympic handicap long jump event. McLean competed for the University of Michigan, where he also played halfback on the football team, twice receiving All-American mention.

In 1901 McLean became head football coach at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. In 1903 he was named head football coach at the University of Missouri and served there through 1905. He was released in 1906 when a scandal revealed that he had paid at least one player to play football for Missouri. The star player involved, a fullback named Akerson, had previously played for McLean at Knox.

Personal Bests: 110H – 15.5 (1900); LJ – 7.01 (1898); TJ – unknown.

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Paris 1900

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