Great Britain
TeamGreat Britain
Olympic Medals
Games Participations3
First Olympic GamesParis 1900
Year of Birth1878


Between 1898 and 1904 Rob Derbyshire won a total of ten individual ASA titles, including six victories in the 100 yards freestyle; he became the fist Britain to break one minute for that distance in 1907. In addition to his two Olympic medals events he also competed in the 100 metre freestyle in 1906, 1908, and 1912, and the 400 metre freestyle in 1906. The only time he reached the final was in the 100 metres of 1906 when he finished fifth. Derbyshire began his career with Manchester Osborne SC and was the only star swimmer who remained with them following a major disagreement within the club in 1901. Eventually he too left Manchester Osborne, joining the Old Trafford SC in 1908, and later competed for the London-based Amateur SC. After working as a baths manager in the Manchester area, Derbyshire took up a similar post at the Lime Grove Baths in London.

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