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    Amsterdam 1928
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John Collier attended Brown where his father, Prof. Theodore Collier, was chairman of the history department. At the 1928 Final Trials, Collier placed second to Steve Anderson; in Amsterdam, Anderson and the South African, Syd Atkinson, finished ahead of him. He won the 1929 IC4A high hurdles in 14.6, beating the 1928 champion, Ross Nichols of Stanford, who finished second. In 1929, Collier also won the IC4A indoor hurdles and set a world record of 7.6 for the 60y hurdles at the Millrose Games. Collier made a comeback in 1933 and the following year he equalled the indoor record for the 60 y hurdles (five hurdles) three times before bringing the record down to 7.5 at the Millrose Games. He also won the AAU indoor in 1934 and set a new world record of 7.4 for the 60 y hurdles (four hurdles). Like his father, John Collier became a teacher and for many years was science master and track coach at St. Paul's School.

Personal Best: 110H – 14.5y (1935).

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Amsterdam 1928

110 metres Hurdles
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