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First Olympic GamesTokyo 2020
Year of Birth1999
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Slovenian Janja Garnbret has an astonishing wealth of success under her belt despite only being 22 years old.

She's a six-time World Champion, has won 31 World Cup events, taken the overall World Cup title 9 times - and topped it all with gold at Tokyo 2020.

Being interested in climbing since a young age, her first national competition came at just eight years old. As a child, she would often be found scaling trees or door frames in her house, encouraging her parents to introduce her to indoor climbing.

According to CNN, though, her climbing career wasn’t always wrapped in riches. In fact, she consistently came last in competitions she would do as a child, but she loved climbing so much it never bothered her where she placed. But, the older she got and the better she got at climbing, she soon made a name for herself.

The first major competition of her career would come in 2013 at 14, where she won the European Youth Championships in bouldering.

In the course of the last few years leading up to the 2020 Olympic Games, Garnbret has dominated the competitions she’s entered as a senior climber. Since 2016, she has won six gold medals at the World Championships, at least once in each of the following disciplines: lead, bouldering, as well as combined. She swept the 2019 Championships, picking up a gold in each discipline.


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