James Jack EAGAN

United States of America USA


  • Olympic Medals
    1 G
  • Games participations
  • First Olympic Games
    Amsterdam 1928
  • Year of Birth
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James Jack EAGAN

James Eagan was a Baltimore native who attended Johns Hopkins University. He played for Johns Hopkins when they represented the USA at the 1928 Olympic lacrosse demonstration. Eagan started at second attack in the tournament.

Eagan earned a law degree from Harvard and then joined the private Baltimore firm of Armstrong, Machen and Allen. He later worked as a counsel for the US Fidelity and Guaranty Company. In 1935 he joined the legal department of the American Oil Company, and was later general solicitor and secretary of Standard Oil of Indiana. During World War II, Eagan served in the Navy as a lieutenant-commander.

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Amsterdam 1928

Lacrosse Lacrosse