Howard HAYES

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    Paris 1900
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Howard HAYES

In 1901 Howard Hayes won the AAU Championship at both 440y and 880y. He competed for the University of Michigan and the Detroit AC. He ran the 800 metres at the 1900 Olympics. Hayes also competed in the non-Olympic 800 metre handicap event, in which he finished second.

Hayes graduated from Michigan Law School in 1901 and later became an attorney. From 1907-11 he was an assistant corporation counsel under the Busse administration in Chicago. In 1916 he became a municipal court judge in Chicago. On 30 August 1937, Hayes left his office, telling his secretary he was going to meet with a representative of a client. Instead, he went to Martin’s Grill on North LaSalle Street, where he went into the washroom and put a bullet into his head. He never regained consciousness and was declared dead at Henrotin Hospital.

Personal Bests: 440y – 52.4 (1901); 880y – 2:01.0 (1900).

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Paris 1900

#3 h1 r1/2
800 metres
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800 metres, Handicap
800 metres, Handicap Athletics