Herbert HUBER

Austria AUT

Alpine Skiing

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    1 S
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    Grenoble 1968
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Herbert HUBER

Herbert Huber won his first FIS race in 1965 in Lebanon and in 1966 was Austrian Champion in the slalom and runner-up in combined. He competed at the 1966 World Championships in Portillo, Chile, but did not finish his first slalom run. Huber competed at the first World Cup race ever held, a slalom on 5 January 1967 in Berchtesgaden, placing eighth. He would eventually win three World Cup races, with 12 podiums, 10 in slalom and two in giant slalom, although both of his GS medals were gold.

After his 1968 Olympic silver medal in slalom in Grenoble, Huber’s results fell off and he was not chosen for the 1970 Austrian World Cup team. Huber had a history of depression and his difficult times that year caused a nervous breakdown. In July 1970 Huber took his own life in his apartment in Kitzbühel.

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Grenoble 1968

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