Henrik HAJOS

Hungary HUN


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    London 1908
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Henrik HAJOS

Henrik Hajós, the brother of Alfréd Hajos, competed from 1903 in MTK, then from 1910 in 33 FC as a swimmer, track and field athlete, and footballer. He achieved significant results in swimming. At the 1906 Olympic Games, he won a gold medal as a member of the Hungarian 4×250 metre relay. At the London Olympics in 1908, he started in 100m and 400m free style races, but did not reach the finals. Between 1905 – 1911, he was Hungarian national champion on one mile, in 1905 and in 1911 on half mile, and in 1911 on 440 yards. Hajós finished his active sporting carrier in 1912. After his retirement, he worked as a corporate officer. After World War I, he lived in Vienna for several years.

Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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London 1908

1,500 metres Freestyle
1,500 metres Freestyle Swimming
100 metres Freestyle
100 metres Freestyle Swimming
#5 h1 r2/3
400 metres Freestyle
400 metres Freestyle Swimming


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