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    Paris 1900
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Ernst FAST

Ernst Fast worked as an electrical engineer at the Swedish pavilion of the World Exposition of which the 1900 Paris Olympics were a sideshow. He was a recognized distance runner back in Sweden, having won the Swedish 10000 m title in 1899. He would add another one in 1904, as well a various unofficial championships in long distance running. His marathon debut at the Olympics was unfortunate. While running in first place, he took a wrong turn, only finding out about this after a few hundred metres. When returning to the course, his lead was gone, and he eventually finished in third place. According to one of the many myths that surround the 1900 marathon, he was pointed the wrong way by a police officer from Marseilles, who didn't know Paris. Supposedly Pierre Vendreau killed himself the next day.

Personal Best: Mar – unknown.

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