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    Grenoble 1968
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Charlie Kellogg attended the Holderness School in New Hampshire, graduated from Williams College in 1962 and then obtained an MBA from Dartmouth. He was in the Army from 1963-65, during which time he competed at the World Military Championships (CISM) in 1964 and won the US biathlon championship in 1965. He later went into sales and account management, first with IBM and later with Global Partners. Kellogg was a Director of the US Biathlon Association for over 20 years. He stayed active throughout his life, as an avid biker, kayaker, runner and hiker, hiking in Nepal several times. In 1998 he won a gold medal at the World Masters Cross-Country Ski Championships. Kellogg served 15 years on the USA Biathlon board, and was a board member of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. He volunteered as a trail builder with the Appalachian Mountain Club, where he was a hutman for five years. He also served as President of the Manchester Essex Conservation Trust.

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Grenoble 1968

30 kilometres
30 kilometres Cross Country Skiing
50 kilometres
50 kilometres Cross Country Skiing