Charles GMELIN

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    1 B
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    Athens 1896
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Charles GMELIN

Running in the heats of the 100 in 1896, Charles Gmelin became the first British competitor in Olympic athletics. He was eliminated in these heats but did rather better in the 400, where he placed third in the final. Gmelin went to Keble College, Oxford and whilst he represented the University at both athletics and cricket, he was never a Blue. He obtained his BA in 1895 and in 1903 was ordained a priest. After leaving University he became an Assistant Master at Summerfields School, Oxford in 1896 before becoming a Parish curate in Oxfordshire before a move to the north-west of England in 1911 when he took up the post of headmaster at Holmwood School at Freshfield near Southport. He later returned to Oxfordshire where he was appointed the Rural Dean of Woodstock. He played cricket for Eastbourne, Oxfordshure in the Minor Counties Chamoionship between 1896-1906, and during his time at Freshfield, he played for Formby CC in the Liverpool Competition between 1914-20. He also played football for Oxfordshire.

Gmelin was born in India where his German born parents were Christian missionaries.

Personal Bests: 100 – unknown; 400 – unknown.

Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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Athens 1896

#3 h1 r1/2
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
400 metres
400 metres Athletics


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