Carlos Alberto VELASQUEZ

Argentina ARG

Modern Pentathlon

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    Helsinki 1952
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Carlos Alberto VELASQUEZ

Carlos Velázquez had the following podium finishes at major championships: 2nd in the 1959 Pan American Games sabre team (with Rafael González, Manuel Agüero, Gustavo Vassallo, and the non-Olympians José M. Casanova Celesia and Agustín Irusta), 3rd in the 1951 Pan American Games modern pentathlon team (with Antonio Rodríguez and Enrique Rettberg), 3rd in the 1959 Pan American Games épée team (with Francisco Serp, Floro Díaz, Alberto Balestrini, and the non-Olympians Arturo Acuña and Mauricio Muñoz).

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Helsinki 1952

Individual Modern Pentathlon
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