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Dutch street skater Candy Jacobs, born in 1990, never expected to make it to the big moment in skating. Her start on the board came relatively late when, at the age of 13, her mother left her one day in a skate park after failing to connect her daughter to any other sport or hobby.

Fully committing to skating has long been a challenge for the silly stance skater. Jacobs began competing in 2009 and immediately found success, winning the European Championship. Two years later, she participated in the sport's highly regarded competition: the X-Games for the first time and finished sixth. In the years that followed she continued to do competitions, but the constant struggles to secure sponsorship meant that during the early part of her career, the Dutch skater lived from competition to competition, complementing her skating through her work as a youth social worker.

Jacobs finally made the jump to full-time skating and the decision paid dividends when she enjoyed a year off in 2018-2019.

After becoming European street skating champion in 2018, Jacobs was invited to skate for Tony Hawk's Birdhouse brand. The following year, the 30-year-old placed third on Women's Skateboard Street on the Dew Tour; it was the dutch athlete's first major podium. Building momentum, Jacobs went on to match her success with a fourth-place spot at the 2019 League World Championship. Her achievements propelled her fifth place, in the world ranking of women's skateboarding skateboarding on Skateboard Street, and first in Europe.

Her performances in that year not only changed Jacobs' life in terms of achievements, but also in winning recognition from the Dutch Olympic Committee ahead of skateboarding's debut at Tokyo 2020. Now, their focus is firmly on the Games and using the global stage to provide the world with a proper introduction to skateboarding.

Jacobs was selected for Tokyo 2020 but was unable to compete at the Games after testing positive for Covid-19 in Japan.

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