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Arne Johansen was a sprint specialist, and hence never managed to qualify for international allround tournaments. Even in Norwegian championships, he never qualified for the final 10,000 m. He did, however, win the 500 m twice, in 1951 and 1952. The latter performance got him selected for the Olympics, which were held in his native Oslo. Johansen ended up in third, tying with Canadian Gordon Audley. Johansen's best 500 m time was set in his final season, finishing after 42.6 at the fast Davos rink. Johansen remained involved in the sport all his life. He was a respected referee in Norway, often working together with his brother Johnny, who was a starter. Arne's daughter, Linda, also was a speed skater. Having lived in Oslo all his life, Johansen moved to Ørland (near Trondheim) after his retirement.

Personal Bests\: 500 – 42.6 (1954); 1500 – 2:20.1 (1954); 5000 – 8:50.3 (1952); 10000 – 18:30.9 (1954).

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