Alexander THIEME

German Democratic Republic (Germany) GDR


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    1 S
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    Montreal 1976
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Alexander THIEME

East German Sprinter Alexander Thieme reached the semifinals of the 100 at the 1976 Montréal Olympics, but did not qualify for the final. However, he won a silver medal in the sprint relay. At the 1977 World Cup he also came in second with the relay and fourth in 1979. At the 1978 Europeans he was again second with the relay. In 1975 and 1977 Thieme won the European Cup and in 1979 he placed second, both times in the 4x100 relay. He trained as an air-conditioning technologist and later became a construction entrepreneur. After German reunification he took over the construction company of his family in Jahnsdorf / Erzgebirge.

Personal Best: 100 – 10.22 (1977).

Olympic Results

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Montreal 1976

#8 h2 r3/4
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
4 x 100 metres Relay
4 x 100 metres Relay Athletics