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    Athens 1896
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Adolf Schmal won a single Olympic title in Athens, but he could have won two, had it not been for the Greek king. In the sabre-fencing event, he had two of his four bouts when the Greek Royal family entered, causing the competition to be re-started. Schmal then only managed to win once more, finishing in fourth place. He made up in the cycling events, winning the 12-hour track race, which did not include the strong French riders. He placed third in two other races as well. Schmal worked as a sports journalist for the rest of his life, and had in fact been one of the reporters for the Austrian Centralblatt für Radsport und Athletik during the Athens Games, together with compatriot Paul Neumann. He often wrote under the pseudonym of Schmal-Filius or simply Filius.

Olympic Results

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Athens 1896

333⅓ metres Time Trial
333⅓ metres Time Trial Cycling
10,000 metres
10,000 metres Cycling
100 kilometer
100 kilometer Cycling
12-Hours Race
12-Hours Race Cycling
Sabre, Individual
Sabre, Individual Fencing