The Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration (Athletes’ Declaration) is a historic athlete-driven initiative, developed by athletes and for athletes through a worldwide consultation process. Led by a 19-strong athlete representative Steering Committee, it has been shaped by 4,292 elite athletes from 190 countries and more than 120 sports disciplines.

This Steering Committee is assembled by the IOC Athletes’ Commission, is composed of 19 athlete representatives from across the Olympic Movement: 10 from the International Federations, five from the Association of National Olympic Committees, one from the World Olympians Association and three from the IOC Athletes’ Commission.

A two-stage athlete survey has been at the core of this process − firstly with Athletes’ Commissions and athlete representatives, to obtain in-depth and quality feedback from athlete representatives globally. The results of this first survey shaped the first draft of the Athletes’ Declaration, as well as the second stage survey.

Additionally, and in parallel, there has been stakeholder consultation to ensure that the document is meaningful and has a positive impact for athletes globally. Learn more about this exciting global journey and its inclusive consultation with athletes, from its initiation in early 2017, through its various stages below:



Idea sparked in early 2017 and discussed among various Athlete Commissions. Its development and delivery is part of the implementation of the IOC Athletes’ Commission Strategy.


Establish Steering Committee

IOC Athletes’ Commission assembled a 19-person Steering Committee of Athlete representatives across the Olympic Movement:


International Federations


Association of National Olympic Committees


IOC Athletes’ Commission


World Oympians Association


Initial Athlete Discussion

November 2017 – Discussion with a diverse group of 100+ athletes at the IOC International Athletes’ Forum.


First-stage Survey

Distributed to Athletes’ Commissions (ACs) and athlete representatives to establish themes for the rights and responsibilities to be included.

Around 200 ACs & Athlete Representatives, across 66 Countries and 77 Sports Disciplines participated


Establish Key Themes and Release Draft

Initial competes released by the Steering Committee as a draft document, organised under five key themes and stakeholders invited to provide feedback.

Integrity & Clean Sport

Governance & Communication

Career & Marketing


Sports Competition


Second-stage Survey

Second survey released for elites athletes globally to contribute their views, in parallel with stakeholder consultation.

4,292 Athletes, 190 Countries and 120+ Sports Disciplines across Olympic, Paralympic and other sports shared their views


Draft and Release the Athletes’ Declaration

Survey responses and stakeholder feedback reviewed, collated and turned into the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration.


IOC Session Presentation

Submitted to the IOC Executive Board and IOC Session for adoption and reference in the Olympic Charter.