Providing an athlete with the support and information necessary to reach top physical condition is essential to their results in competitions. As sports science continues to develop, entourage members working with athletes on health and dietary needs have become increasingly important to helping their sportspeople achieve their full potential.




Mental trainers


Health Providers

An athletes' mental and physical health is absolutely critical to the well-being of the athlete both on and off the field.
Chantal Brunner
Sports Medicine: Understanding Sports Injuries

Previous injury, fatigue or poor movement skills are just some of the factors that can contribute to an injury. Understanding how to manage these and how best to prepare your body for your sport will be key if you want to perform at your best in training and in competition.

IOC Safe Sport

What is it?

This page explains different types of harassment and abuse in sport with examples and solutions to potential issues that could arise in an athlete’s career.

How does it help Athletes?

Both coaches and athletes can use this site to better understand what constitutes abuse and learn about the best way to confront it.

WADA: Medical Professional's Education Program

ADEL from WADA is the global Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform offering a range of interactive courses and resources as well as opportunities to connect with others involved in anti-doping.

Check out this anti-doping education program targeted at medical professionals.

Entourage Factsheets: Health & Wellbeing

Safe sport factsheets for Doctors, Physios, Counsellors and other Health Professionals.