Although family and friends are often not involved in an athlete’s day-to-day training, they play just as important a role as any other member of the entourage. Maintaining good mental health and staying motivated is a large part of being an elite athlete, and family and friends are key to ensuring that athletes have a springboard for success.





Parents have a special relationship with their kids. We are there for them through the best and all of the worst.
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WADA: Parents of Elite Athletes Education Program

ADEL from WADA is the global Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform offering a range of interactive courses and resources as well as opportunities to connect with others involved in anti-doping.

Check out this anti-doping education program targeted at parents of elite athletes.

Mentally Fit

Your mind is just as important as your body. Not only is being physically fit a necessity, so too is it to be mentally fit. Find out about the MetallyFit helpline for athletes amongst mental health resources and articles from leading experts in the field.

Entourage Factsheet: Family & Friends

Safe Sport factsheet for parents, partners, friends and siblings.