Your entourage includes anyone who has an influence on your career and who works to enhance your performance – be it during your sporting or non-sporting career.

It is important to ensure that these people always have your best interests at heart and that these relationships only have a positive effect on your career.

The IOC has produced a series of helpful tips to advise your Entourage on how they can continue to play an important and central role in your development throughout every stage of your career.


With the increasing stature of athlete support team (Entourage) it is vital that you have as much information as possible about your responsibilities, how to have your voice heard, and where you can turn for help and support. That’s why we have established a dedicated section of Athlete365 which is here to support you.

The team behind the team
The role of the athletes’ entourage is key, particularly in helping athletes acquire an education during their sporting careers, and in the fight for clean athletes.
Sergey Bubka
Hot Topics
IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission

This Commission advises the IOC on matters concerning supporting and protecting clean athletes.

Prevention of Competition Manipulation educational toolbox

This toolbox was designed to raise interest and awareness about the topic amongst the different actors of the sports movement. All sports organisations and coaches are strongly encouraged to spread the word and widely diffuse the different tools in their respective network.

Global Anti-Doping Learning and Education Platform

The global anti-doping learning and education platform (ADEL) from World Anti-Doping Agency offers many different tools and resources to assist athletes, athletes support personnel and other stakeholders with their education programs.

Safe Sport Entourage Factsheets

The IOC has developed these factsheets to highlight some of the key roles and responsibilities of the following entourage groups in championing a Safe Sporting environment – one that is fair, equitable and free from all forms of non-accidental violence.

Professional Sports Management

Professional sport management is a complex, constantly evolving industry. Within this course, we cover the fundamentals of the business of sport and provide you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career within the industry.

Multiple Languages
Sport Event Management

Dr Benoît Séguin and Dr Milena Parent provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to plan and host a sporting event. You’ll learn about business plans and financing and will come away with the tools to succeed in sport event management.

Multiple Languages
Sports Coaching

Our team of experts provide you with an in-depth understanding of the skills required to become an outstanding sports coach. From learning to effectively communicate to creating a positive environment for your athletes, this course acts as a comprehensive toolkit for sports coaching.