Safeguarding experts share the latest initiatives across African NOCs in English and French. Hear from Professor Sylvie Parent and Dr Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu on the key statistics for the region, and learn about the inspirational work being done in a number of African countries, from Mali to Botswana. 

Challenging taboos to keep sport safe

NOCs from the Pan American Sports Organization (PanAm Sports) had the opportunity to attend webinars in English and Spanish, which examined the current state of harassment and abuse in the region and outlined steps for prevention. Learn about the need to properly define different types of abuse andhear best practice case studies from the Bahamas and Argentina. 

Putting a Safe Sport policy into action

Safeguarding experts discuss how European NOCs can come together to create a more coherent strategy to tackle abuse and harassment across the continent. Learn about how the region is taking a survivor-centred approach and hear from experts such as Dr. Tine Vertommen and Kat Craig. 

Prioritising survivors within safe sport

The latest IOC Safe Sport Webinar for the ONOC National Olympic Committees emphasised the need to address the ‘normalisation’ of certain types of abuse within sport, while education and reporting procedures were highlighted as key focus areas for improvement.

‘Breaking the cycle'

NOCs from the Olympic Council of Asia heard about how an athlete and survivor-centred approach is the key to the future of safe sport. Seung-min Ryu, IOC Athletes’ Commission member, joined Minky Worden, Director of Global Initiatives at Human Rights Watch, and other safeguarding experts to discuss why empowering athletes is so vital. 

Hearing and respecting the athletes' voice