Join us May 3rd – 7th and until the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to raise awareness on prevention of competition manipulation. Use the social, website and email assets below to amplify the message to your Athletes.

Either reshare the Athlete365 social posts or download the files below and upload to your social account.

Please ensure you tag @athlete365 and provide onwards links to the Athlete365 resources and our e-learning course.


If you have any issues downloading the files in any language, please contact the team omunitpmc@olympics.com

Downloadable assets

Please share these assets on your social channels, email or website or retweet / share the Athlete365 posts. More assets will be made available throughout the campaign and until the end of the Tokyo Olympics

06/05/2021 Don’t fix animation

Short animation video explaining the first rule, “Don’t fix the competition.

If you would like to develop your own resources or workshops around the topic or work with our ambassadors, please contact the team on omunitpmc@olympics.com to discuss how we can work together.