As an athlete’s parent, coach, manager, medical staff, technical official or sponsor, you are a member of the athlete entourage. As such, you also have a responsibility in protecting your athlete against competition manipulation.

Through your specific position, you may have access to privileged information about the athlete (relating to physical or mental health issues, sport strategies, etc.). It is essential that you keep this information confidential, and don’t use it to place bets.

Make sure you know the rules and inform your athletes.


It is your and your athletes’ responsibility to officially report to the IOC Integrity & Compliance Hotline if you witness or suspect competition manipulation.


What is the Role of Entourage?
Find out more about competition manipulation in our frequently asked questions
Educational toolbox

You will find below a set of educational tools on the issue of competition manipulation.

Believe in Sport

What is it?
Further information and details on how the IOC is protecting clean athletes, keeping sport fair and tackling competition manipulation.

How does it help Athletes?
As the manipulation of sports competitions has become an area of great concern in recent years, the IOC remains committed to fighting all forms of cheating.

Prevention of Competition Manipulation for Officials in Boxing

As a referee, judge or technical official who is directly involved in the decision-making for competitions, you have a crucial role to play to protect the athletes. Get informed. Avoid sanctions. Protect yourself. Protect boxing and the boxers.

Educational toolbox against competition manipulation

This toolbox was designed to raise interest and awareness about the topic amongst the different actors of the sports movement. All sports organisations and coaches are strongly encouraged to spread the word and widely diffuse the different tools in their respective network.

Every athlete deserves to compete in a fair environment.
Kirsten McCann
Rowing, South Africa